Revealed: How This SECRET Video Strategy Generates CONSISTENT Leads For Aussie Businesses

Finally! The Simple 3 Step Video Strategy revealed for you...


  • Discover the #1 factor that makes video marketing profitable.

    • Have dream clients on the phone BEGGING to work with you.

    • Never wonder if new leads will come in next month.

    • Easily generate a lead a day with zero time spent on content creation.

      If you want consistent, qualified leads, this will be the most important video you ever watch.

      But First, The Truth

      The strategy I’m sharing is not typical.


      We’ve had the benefit of over 10 years of practice. 


      The strategy outlined inside this Secret Video is a product of that experience. 


      This is NOT an online marketing scheme.


      This is NOT a ‘magic pill’ that will miraculously get you leads.


      This is a strategy built from blood, sweat and tears.


      Get Every Secret right now.

      Here's What You're Getting

      This is drastically different from any other marketing strategy you’ve ever seen. 




      Because it’s a step by step guide to automated lead generation rather than a traditional marketing strategy. 


      The reason why is because there’s no fluff. 


      The video IMMEDIATELY gets down to the nitty gritty detail, showing you exactly what you need to get consistent lead generation. 


      Plus it’s easy to follow. 


      It’s only 16 minutes. 


      You can change your entire business in just 16 minutes. 


      Stay with me here.


      You’ll immediately get the entire strategy we used to generate 115 leads in less than 90 days. 

      We didn't get this strategy from some 'guru'


      At this point, most marketers give you the jargon and big claims with very little real facts. 


      They’ll throw around vague fancy words like ‘engagement’ ‘brand awareness’ ‘growth marketing’ ‘Cost per click’. 


      You might be temporarily impressed but later realise you have no idea what they’re talking about. 


      We don’t do that here. Sorry. (But we do smash our marketing.)


      Let me explain...


      Let’s rewind to before we discovered the Secret Video Strategy. 


      I got all my clients through referrals. 


      In fact, I’d made $117k just through networking and referrals alone.


      Sounds great right?  


      Yes BUT… I was harbouring a deep dark secret. 


      I was exhausted. 


      Stressed out. 


      I was driving 6 - 8 hours a week just to get to networking events and one-to-one meetings. 


      The worst part was… half the meetings I had were with non-ideal clients. 


      Most of the time I was just HOPING for a referral. 

      And I couldn’t scale. 


      The more time I put in, the busier I got. 


      I was stuck on the treadmill. 


      If I stopped, even for a day, my leads would dry up. 


      I couldn’t keep up. 


      And it kept me playing SMALL. 


      My business never grew past a $20k month. 


      Despite the fact I was working 80+ hours a week. 


      Despite my efforts, I could NEVER predict when I would get a sale. 


      I couldn’t say NO to non-ideal clients because I never knew what was coming in the next month. 


      I was trying to do everything myself. 


      I made the mistake of thinking short term solutions would solve long term problems. 


      I was unfocused and easily distracted. 


      I thought if I did more, I’d get more out. 


      Until one night I realised I was wrong. 


      Something needed to change. 


      I needed to generate my leads without my time. 


      I knew online lead generation existed. 


      But I didn’t think it would work for me. 


      I didn’t WANT to find leads online. 


      It felt ‘fake’ and ‘icky’. 


      I didn’t think they would be good quality anyway. 


      I always thought I’d grow my business offline. 


      It took me almost 2 years to break out of that cycle. 


      And you know what it took? 

      1. One video. 

      2. One Facebook Ad. 

      And lo and behold...


      I generated a lead a day!


      Without any online marketing experience. 


      Without a strong online presence.


      Without wasting money on branding or expensive marketing.


      Without my time.

      I Was Blown Away


      A LEAD A DAY. By doing NOTHING. 


      Sitting on the couch, eating dinner, reading in bed. 


      No matter where I was, leads were consistently coming in!


      Today we’ve distilled this strategy DOWN TO THE CORE and cracked the formula to consistent, qualified lead generation. 


      All because of this one simple video strategy. 


      Now our business is growing WITHOUT OUR TIME. 



      Most professional services love to complicate the marketing process. 

      I know because I’ve made every marketing mistake under the sun. 


      I’ve been hesitant to get online. 


      I’ve been skeptical of social media. 


      I’ve been reluctant to get out of my comfort zone and try online marketing. 


      I’ve even invested in flashy, complicated marketing strategies that didn’t work. 


      But the secret to online success is actually ridiculously simple. 


      Here it is: 

      Step 1 
      Find out the big problems your most valuable clients are experiencing RIGHT NOW. So they BEG you to help them solve them


      Step 2

      Create 1 easy video that qualifies and educates your leads so they never question your authority on a sales call ever again. So they’re READY TO BUY as soon as they jump on the phone. 


      Step 3

       Put the whole process on repeat and have your calendar BOOKED OUT with sales calls with your most valuable client. 


      But how can you apply all this to YOUR business? 


      That’s exactly what’s inside this Secret 16 minute video. 

      Here's Just A Fraction Of What's Inside

      • The 3 Principles of The Secret Video Strategy that took us 10 years to develop

      • Why 2020 is in the middle of a huge online transition and how to make the most of it without wasting tens of thousands of dollars

      • What not to do when it comes to putting video content online 

      • How to get off the treadmill and SCALE your business and why most people COMPLICATE this process like crazy (us too)

      • How to deploy the ‘F’ word (Funnel) that ensures your prospects are fully educated by the time they jump on the sales call

      How To Generate Consistent Leads

      • How to book out your calendar with highly qualified prospects without chasing or ‘proving’ yourself

      • Generate instant authority in a single day and instantly differentiate yourself from the competition

      • How an online virgin can ACE a video marketing strategy on the FIRST TRY

      • How a Specialised Conversion Funnel creates daily leads and is the exact opposite of what most marketers teach

      • The 3 Simple Steps any profession service provider can use to get qualified leads reaching out to you WHILE YOU SLEEP


      Finally! The 3 Step Strategy Revealed For You

      • Discover the #1 factor that makes video marketing profitable

      • Have dream clients on the phone BEGGING to work with you.

      • Never wonder if new leads will come in next month.

      • Easily generate a lead a day with zero time spent on content creation.

      And much, much more!

      Here's What To Do Next


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      We KNOW how exhausting it is driving round to networking events and 1-1 meetings at all hours. 


      We were sick of feeling burnt out and out of our comfort zone. 


      We also understand how hard it can be to try something new. 


      So we’ve made it easy for you. 


      And for the first time…

      You’re Invited Behind The Scenes


      If you’re ready… It’s time to stop relying on hope. 


      Stop relying on networking. 


      If you’re ready, it’s time to take the leap and grow your business in a sustainable way. 


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